First mobile wallet to access SCRT Dapps

Secret Wallet
On the Go

Giving you a new way to manage, send and stake your assets, and connect to Dapps on Secret Network.

Amazing Features

The best mobile wallet in your web3 journey.


Private Transaction

Send and receive crypto assets privately, without revealing your transaction details.



User’s private keys are encrypted and securely stored locally on their mobile device.


Hardware Wallet Support

Fina seamlessly integrates with Ledger Nano X, adding an extra layer of security.


Manage Assets

Manage your SCRT, IBC and SNIP20 assets all on one page, in one app


Stake SCRT

Stake your SCRT to validators of your choice and earn up to 20% APR


Connect Dapps

Connect to Secret Dapps for DeFi, NFT, and much more in the Secret Network ecosystem

We care about users, that's why we

Provide The Best UX among Crypto Wallets


Easy Fiat Off-ramp

Spend Crypto with
Fina Card

Partnered with VISA principal member to bring you the first Crypto Prepaid Card that connects directly to a non-custodial wallet. You can top-up your card and track your spending easily on Fina Wallet.

Top-up your card without sending your crypto assets to CEX!

Fina prepaid card

Download Mobile Wallet

Our non-custodial mobile wallet allows you to manage crypto assets securely. Download now to explore the Secret Network ecosystem!

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