Up to 10% Rewards of Your Spendings

Web3 Prepaid Card Connected to

Fina VISA prepaid card allows you to connect with any wallet, top up with any cryptocurrency, through any crypto network.

Amazing Features

The best prepaid card in your web3 journey.


Cross Chain

Top-up your Fina card from popular crypto networks like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and much more.


Any Wallet

Connect your Fina card with any non-custodial wallet including Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc.


Earn Rewards

Spend with Fina card to earn up to 10% rewards in FINA token. Additional rewards for spending with selected merchants.


Easy to Use

Manage Fina Card in our Web Portal OR dApp interface like Shade

You can top-up your card and track your spending easily in our Web Portal. It works as simple as connecting with your browser extension wallet on desktop, or with WalletConnect on mobile, just like how you connect with ordinary dApps.

Top-up your card without sending crypto assets to CEX!

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Secured Payment

Partner with VISA Principal Member

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Crypto exchange licence in EEA

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Card transactions only visible to wallet owner

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KYC Verification

Compliance with KYC & AML requirements

Safe & Secure

Full Compliance in the EU.

We are a registered crypto exchange in Lithuania with full compliance of KYC and AML requirements. We partnered with one of the best VISA Principal Members to provide our prepaid card services.

Fina card is currently available to citizens in the EU. We are working hard to expand our service to other jurisdictions.


Card Tiers

Choose a card that suits your needs.



Stake $500 USD of FINA

5% Staking APY1% Spending Rewards


Stake $2,000 USD of FINA

10% Staking APY3% Spending Rewards


Stake $10,000 USD of FINA

30% Staking APY10% Spending Rewards

* All rewards are distributed in FINA token. Staking APY and Spending Rewards are subject to change


Special Card

Get a special SILK Card featuring our partner project

Besides topping up your Fina Card with SILK, you can even get a specially designed card featuring the decentralized stablecoin!

SILK card

Frequently Asked

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